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GPA🍊C: March 2017 #grantswork

Celebrate #IGPD Week!

This week we celebrate International Grant Professionals Week, March 6-10, 2017 when we recognize and celebrate the impact that grant professionals have on society.  This celebration recognizes and honors over 1.5 million grant professionals around the world who seek, implement, and award over $700 billion in grant funding each year.

Every day, grant professionals work diligently, usually behind the scenes, to seek grant opportunities for the benefit of society. These talented professionals are dedicated to providing the highest standard of ethics, quality program development, thoughtful project implementation and wise financial stewardship.

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Grant Professionals Week addresses different aspects of the grant profession:

  • Monday, March 6th – Grant Profession Education & Awareness Day
  • Tuesday, March 7th – GPA Chapter and Community Event Day
  • Wednesday, March 8th – International Event Day
  • Thursday, March 9th – Thank you! Grant Entrepreneurs, Grant Makers, Partners and Volunteer Day
  • Friday, March 10th – International Grant Professionals Day

As you walk through your day, think about the many ways #grantswork.

How have they personally impacted you and your family’s life and/or community? Maybe your city received a new fire engine or first responder equipment; or new play equipment at your local park? Maybe your children spend time in an after-school program? There are many examples of how #grantswork in our life every day.

How are the grant programs at your organization changing lives? Maybe they helped hundreds of special needs children receive the benefits they need or helped underserved youth receive additional STEM education?  Maybe they supported local community development or helped an animal rescue implement a spay/neuter program?

What examples do you have of #grantswork?  Please share with us on Facebook or Twitter the many ways #grantswork in your community and organization?

For more information, visit the International Grant Professionals Week web page at http://www.grantprofessionals.org/igpd


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